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This Is Lisa and Her Skin Journey…

At Love & Natural, we believe that every person deserves to prioritize their well-being and love their skin. Skincare is a form of self-care, but we know how easy it is to let it slip through the cracks when life gets busy.

As school and work start back up again, we couldn’t think of anyone better to feature than long-time client Lisa Carpenter. She’s an inspiring life coach, award-winning fitness competitor, and a mother who is frequently on the go and in front of the camera. With the help of our holistic estheticians, Lisa has been able to find a skincare routine that works with her lifestyle and maintain a youthful glow as she ages.


I was first introduced to Love & Natural by a friend. I’m on camera a lot and I wanted to keep my face looking at its best. Winnie, a holistic esthetician and the founder of Love & Natural, helps me with my skincare goals. She always knows exactly what my skin needs and since I started using Love & Natural products, I’ve noticed that I look more youthful and my skin always looks great. I especially love the effect that the esenti custom facial oil I use has on my skin.

"Things you love and value you take care of."


I’m an online coach to driven, ambitious women who are struggling to make themselves a priority. My passion is helping women slow down and put their physical and emotional well-being first. I have a saying “things you love and value you take care of”. Your skin is a key part of your overall health and well-being and how you take care of it is a reflection of how you think and feel about yourself. If you’re not caring for yourself it’s important to consider the deeper reason why.

Rest, hydration, the things you put on your body, in your body, and how you think and feel about yourself and your circumstances are all important parts of being healthy. Today more than ever before it’s important we look at the role we are playing in caring for our physical and emotional well-being and what we can do to be more committed to this.

What Advice Do You Have For Busy Women?

You can love what you do but it's not until you learn what it means to love yourself more that you'll be able to break the cycle of over-doing. It's awesome to be driven and ambitious but if you're doing it at the expense of your own well-being, what are you achieving? You don't get extra kudo's at your funeral for being a hard worker. Life is for living and yes, loving our work and chasing our goals can be a part of that, but what matters more is the quality of life you're living.  

The last time I checked burnout, exhaustion and poor health are not a goal anyone aspires to achieve, so what more needs to happen before you come to realize that the person you've been waiting to come save you is YOU? It may also be important to consider that if you're unwilling to make time to care for yourself, you may be forced to make time to tend to illness and disease. Start today by exploring what prioritizing yourself could look like and then make yourself a promise to commit to being the woman who commits to ONE thing on that list. Most important of all... BE the woman who doesn't break the promises she makes to herself.

Lisa's skincare regimen.

Try some of Lisa's favourite products, or book a consultation with one of our holistic estheticians to find the perfect product for you.