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esenti: rose body mist


A brand new addition to our Esenti line!


Immerse yourself in beauty and the sensual fragrance of roses from Bulgaria. The alluring rose aroma is known to bring balance and love to your well-being.

Sensation: light + deep floral tone

Scent: relaxing and restorative rose


organic Centaurea cyanus, organic Hamamelis, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, Rosa damascene, Melaleuca alternifolia


When spraying as a deodorant in the underarm area or body, lightly press down the spray from a distance of approximately 5 inches away to spray a more even coverage. Refresh after 6-8 hrs, or when needed.

For the room or bed sheets, spray evenly and as often in your desired area.

Refresh and clean your yoga mat: spray evenly onto your mat after your yoga practice and wipe down with a damp cloth.