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esenti: ylang ylang + vanilla body mist



Sweet exotic floral tones of ylang ylang. Feminine yet balancing, sweetened with a kiss of vanilla.

Sensation - exotic, grounding, balancing, with calming effects.

Scent - Sweet, heavy, floral scent.


Organic rosa damascene, organic hamamelis, sodium bicarbonate sodium citrate, caning odonata ecuatoriana, organic vanilla planifolia, organic melaleuca alternifolia


When spraying as a deodorant in the underarm area or body, lightly press down the spray from a distance of approximately 5 inches away to spray a more even coverage. Refresh after 6-8 hrs, or when needed.

For the room or bed sheets, spray evenly and as often in your desired area.

Refresh and clean your yoga mat: spray evenly onto your mat after your yoga practice and wipe down with a damp cloth.